Many drivers prefer an SUV as much for its safety features as for its sport utility. Safety and technology merge in Mitsubishi's Eclipse Cross. From its innovative design that makes use of specialized crumple zones and impact door beams to its rain-sensing windshield wipers, it's a car that acts more like a co-pilot.

This popular compact SUV alerts the driver when it senses trouble. When the car is in reverse, cameras monitor for cross traffic, sounding an alarm when the car senses an obstruction. If the driver swerves across a lane, the car will immediately sound an alert. A bird's eye-view camera allows drivers to park with ease.

Save on driver fatigue by letting the Eclipse Cross do the work. Rather than the driver having to constantly apply the gas or brake pedal to maintain proper distance between vehicles while using cruise control, the Eclipse does it automatically. The Eclipse can monitor its place in traffic, utilizing the many onboard sensors and cameras.



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