There are several things that make driving in winter a different experience altogether. At the very least, your car has to comply with the demands of an icy, snowy weather. And even when you have your car tires braced for winter, ensure that visibility is catered for with the right set of winter wiper blades.

Winter wiper blades are specially encased with steel superstructure, ensuring that ice and snow do not accumulate on them and render them immobile. This technical design also helps the blades to hold onto the windscreen without lifting even when running at high speed. This is important given the frequent use they endure during winter.

A fortified wiper blade may also have the squeegee made from synthetic rubber and reinforced with silicone or graphite. These materials are flexible even at low temperatures and do not stick to the windscreen.

Whatever your needs, visit us at Love Mitsubishi, and we will be glad to have your wiper blades fixed for top performance.

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