Kitty litter is often purchased at one time or another by people that don't own cats themselves, nor take care of them - vehicle owners are to blame, responsible vehicle owners, at that.

The clay-based substance - kitty litter - can be used to find a driver's way out of bad traction on any roadway or piece of land. Without kitty litter or another dry substance to help a vehicle gain traction, you might find yourself calling a tow truck - if you can even find service where you're located when such a possibility might arise. Salt can be used on driveways covered with ice or snow - places where kitty litter should never be used, as it becomes slick when saturated with moisture - as it can be whisked away with water.

Sand has potential to be used in both situations and is safe for driveways. Call us at Love Mitsubishi for our advice in which one you should pick.
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