We want everyone to be safe on the roads of Cayce so we’d like to take a minute to help you prevent this dangerous malfunction before it can happen!

Checking Tire Pressure

1 – Check sidewalls and tread for any hidden damage.

2 - Test pressure with an analog or digital gauge.

3 – Consult ideal pressure in the manual or on the doorsill/glove box/fuel door.

4 – Adjust ideal pressure by adding 1-2lbs for every 10 degrees below average the temperature is or adding the same for warmer.


Potholes, speed bumps and other issues can cause misalignment, which damages tires. Have your alignment checked regularly or whenever you detect issues such as pull.

Tread Inspection

Tread depth should be a minimum of 4/32”. This can be tested with a penny – if most of Lincoln’s head is covered, the tread is good.

TPMS Indicator Light

Many vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, with an indicator light. If this goes off, immediately check your tire pressure. Ensure the indicator turns off, or else you may need a new sensor.

The importance of tire safety can’t be overstated. For more tips on tire safety and inspection, visit us at Love Mitsubishi, we’re happy to help!

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